Graphical Planning

Comprehensive Graphical Planning

Integrate graphically-rich vessel, berth, yard, and rail planning tools all in one work space to efficiently plan containers.

Inventory Accuracy Spinnaker

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Efficient and flexible yard planning tools allow the terminal to optimize container locations and ensures an up-to-date, accurate terminal inventory.

Spinnaker Graphical Planning Management System

Enhance Productivity

Use color-coded container information to effortlessly plan vessels and quickly create electronic work orders for dispatch in real-time.

Automate Stowage

Automatically sequence discharge containers with the push of a button and calculate the most efficient load-back sequence to reduce vessel turn times. Planners receive alerts to potential yard bumps.

Spinnaker Graphical Planning Management System

Optimize Yard Space

Automate container location assignments using Yard Navigator for grounded or wheeled operations to maximize space utilization and the effectiveness of vessel and gate operations. Control container placement exceptions to avoid costly rehandles.

Spinnaker Graphical Planning Management System

Complete Workflow & Scheduling Tools

Create detailed bay-by-bay worklists by shift and gang to boost vessel productivity. Instructions can be automatically distributed to all vessel operations personnel.

Spinnaker Graphical Planning Management System

Spinnaker Planning Management System® fully-integrates vessel, berth, yard, and rail graphical planning tools in one workspace to give terminal operators the ability to increase cargo volume and reduce vessel turn time, while maximizing efficiency. Spinnaker seamlessly integrates into your existing operation and can easily update when your infrastructure or workflow changes.