Using real-world scale...


a model of your
terminal environment
shows, in real-time,
equipment positioning
and details.


3D Data Visualization

Easy to Navigate

Intuitive keyboard and mouse controls allow you to fly through your terminal or zoom into a specific area, and immediately locate a container or piece of equipment.

Realistic Operational Views

Using real world scale model to the exact dimension of your terminal environment gives real-time visibility into the entire terminal operation and all assets.

Enhance Productivity

Use Terminal View to uncover patterns and trends in your data, visualize potential bottlenecks and take corrective action to increase your terminal’s productivity.

Color Coding and Filtering Options

Filter your yard by vessel or rail operations and apply color coding for each crane’s planned moves. View your highest priority moves and the crane equipment assigned to them.

Optimize Your Assets

View the location and configure idle time alerts for every piece of handling equipment at your facility. Receive instant feedback about which pieces of equipment have surpassed the idle time threshold to optimize asset utilization.

Track Hazardous Materials

Hazardous material filters allow you to view on-dock hazmat boxes, color coded by IMO code.

Terminal View® data visualization tool displays a three-dimensional representation of all operations, providing full operational visibility into your terminal. View handling equipment location and status, current inventory, move status, and more.