2017 Years of Service Haiku Series

By May, 2017Blog

5, 10, 15, more

The pin it is symbolic

The commitment real

Unlucky table?

More time for laughter and beer

We make our own luck

The pizza was fine

The salad good for us all

The dessert inhaled

Soda, beer and more beer

Enjoy responsibly here

Will leak in pockets

World class engineers

No software they can’t master

Eight ball, not so much

F1 and F2

How many Fernando’s here?

We say, “Just enough.”

30 years. 30!

This is a very long time

Started as a toddler

Thank you Mike and Jill

Lots of fun was had by all

Chartered bus, nice touch

Sharp father, daughter

Apple never falling far

25 years between

Bruce and Elliot

Bruce won the pool tournament

Elliot still smiles

Joann walks the walk

People listen and learn

Great at what she does

Back to the office

More service, more years…success

Let’s do this again

Congratulations everyone. Thank you for your dedication.

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