Mainsail Vanguard™
Marine Terminal Operating System
Mainsail Vanguard takes efficiency to an entirely new level. It utilizes the latest technology to help terminal operators find the information they need faster and more easily than ever before. It's the culmination of everything Tideworks has learned through decades of developing technology for terminal operators while actively listening to our customers. It's easy to deploy and even easier to use. Mainsail Vanguard is the next generation of terminal operating systems.

Key Features

Flexible, Interactive Search Tools
Instantly find the information you need with more features accessible from a single screen. You can easily filter and sort data, drill-down into details, graph results, mass edit records and save searches and reports.

One TOS for Containers, Ro-Ro and Break-bulk
Incorporates all the functionality needed to handle any cargo type, including containers, rolling stock, and break-bulk cargoes.

Customized User Experience
The terminal controls which features it uses, as well as which users are able to view, add, edit and delete data on each screen. Individual users can also set specific preferences to view and sort data the way they want to see it.

Optimized Response Times
Built on a robust, Adobe Flex development platform, Mainsail Vanguard optimizes system response times and offers a simple, cost effective means to deploy and run the TOS. All that the end user needs to run Mainsail Vanguard is the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Integrates Easily with Third Party Systems
Seamlessly communicate between Mainsail Vanguard and other business critical systems, such as accounting, gate and proprietary systems.

Comprehensive Solution

Active Inventory Control
Complete inventory management of containers, chassis, gensets, rolling stock, break-bulk, over-dimensional cargo, and hazardous materials.

Supports standard hazardous materials codes (CFR and IMDG) complying with both US and UN hazardous materials standards.

Tracks the location and status of cargo throughout the facility.

Gate Management
Securely and efficiently receives and releases cargo at the gate.

Integrates with optical character recognition (OCR), camera systems, and other gate technologies to ensure accuracy, reduce overhead, and speed up gate processing.

Receives and validates bookings for faster, more accurate gate and terminal processing.

Import, Export, & Transship Processing
Comprehensive solution for import, export, and transshipment.

Container Freight Station
Provides full-featured Container Freight Station functionality, including receipt and delivery of LCL cargo, tracking and inventory control, and container stuffing and unstuffing.

Terminal Billing
Establishes tariff and contract rates for all billable services, logs service requests, generates invoices, and accepts payment either online or at the terminal.

Maintains a history of billable events which can be automatically sent to the general ledger/accounting system.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities
Helps you effectively manage your terminal with a library of standard reports as well as user-defined ad hoc reporting.

Custom created reports can be viewed and sorted according to the user's preferences, exported to Excel or PDF format, and saved for repeated use. Graph results for "at a glance" reporting to management.

Provides shipping lines, trucking companies and other interested parties access to a multitude of reports via Mainsail Online and Forecast®.

Mainsail Vanguard's tight integration with Digital Bridge™ enables real-time monitoring of terminal metrics and allows terminal management to make informed decisions on the fly.

Proactive Customer Solutions

Forecast® by Tideworks
A powerful and comprehensive, customer service web portal, Forecast by Tideworks connects shipping lines and other business partners to the terminal with an easy-to-use web interface.

Check on vessel schedules, submit and update bookings, execute searches, verify container transactions, and run equipment inventory reports.

Reliable and Secure Data Integrity

Enterprise Terminal Database
Reliable and secure system for data communications on the terminal.

Highly configurable and completely customizable to meet the data security needs of the terminal as well as the individual preferences of the user.

Powerful system with the proven scalability to process from 5,000 TEU to over 1.5 million TEU per year.

Readily collaborates with Spinnaker for real-time planning management throughout the terminal operation.

Seamless Integration

Data Interchange
Supports industry standard EDIFACT and ANSI x12 as well as proprietary file types using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to connect with partners.

Operating Workflow & Scheduling Tools
Configurable platform that can easily adapt to varying operating methods, facility layouts and vessel sharing arrangements.

Incorporates both shipping line and terminal codes to eliminate confusion with differing naming conventions of vessels, ports, and equipment.

Set up individual user roles and responsibilities and then allow users to configure screens, queries and reports to create a customized user experience.

Introducing Mainsail Vanguard:
The Next Generation TOS