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Forecast is a web portal that helps terminals communicate more easily with shipping lines, trucking companies, brokers, and other parties. The website provides terminal customers with one-stop access to vital cargo information, helping to reduce customer service costs and improve gate turn times. Register Now.

Enhanced Availability

Reduce calls to your terminal by allowing customers to inquire on multiple containers at one time and see detailed information for container clearance and demurrage status.

Automated Email Notifications

Answer customer questions proactively and with reduced overhead by letting truckers, shipping lines, brokers, and other interested parties sign up to receive notifications.

Online Payments and Guarantees

Customers have the ability to securely pay online for demurrage and other ancillary terminal fees with a credit card or trusted accounts to guarantee charges.

Rapid User Adoption

An intuitive web interface makes it easy for trucking companies, brokers, freight forwarders, and other parties in the logistics chain to get the information they want when they need it.

Time Saving Tools

Forecast is loaded with time-saving tools, including automated e-mail notifications, enhanced container availability details, and booking status updates.

Forecast Notifications

Booking Pre-Check

Reduce trouble tickets and cut gate turn times by allowing truckers to check the validity of a booking in your system before they arrive at the gate.

Forecast, customer service web portal for the shipping community, facilitates improved planning and resource management, faster gate transactions, and fewer calls to the terminal.


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